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You may have noticed that you did not receive the Daily News emails recently. Also, our Facebook group became eerily silent. As always, the fault is ours because we have been changing things behind the scenes. To increase the security of this website, we moved the whole site to HTTPS. This guarantees that our contributors and editor can safely work without exposing their personal info like usernames and passwords on the internet. Unfortunately, this had an impact on a few important services, like our Daily/Weekly newsletter and sharing to Facebook. To fix this, we need to inform you of these important changes. Read further….

RSS Feeds

KKSBlog offers a RSS feed of its latest news. This feed is used by our newsletter service and lots of people use it to keep themselves updated using their favorite feed reader (like Feedly, etc). This feed has been changed.

Old feed address: http://feeds.feedburner.com/kkswamiblog/

New feed address: https://www.kksblog.com/feed/

So if you are using Feedly, Google reader or any other feed reader then please update to our new feed address!


We have discontinued the use of Feedburner. If you have never heard of Feedburner, then no worries. This will not impact you. However, if you are using a feed reader and you are subscribed to our old feed, then you will not receive any updates anymore since 4 September 2014. Subscribe to our new feed and get the latest news again,

So what’s next?

You can keep yourself updated with the latest KKSBlog news in many ways. You can join our email campaigns, visit Facebook and Twitter or keep updated by commenting on any article that is published on this site.

If you cannot see the subscribe buttons above then visit the newsletter page.

Our new feed is : https://www.kksblog.com/feed/

Or visit Facebook (kksblog), Facebook (friends of kks) and Twitter


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