(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 30 July 2014, Swiss Retreat, Switzerland, Candramrta and Chandradoya Nataka Seminar, Part 4)

krsna-and-the-gopisWe don’t know our eternal identity in the pastimes of Krsna at present. You never know how much of our eternal identity is coming through in our current identity. Maybe that brahmacari with the tattoos on his arm is a gopi in the spiritual world! Who knows? (laughter) It’s hard to say who is whom at present.

Now we are not really accessing our eternal identity and are acting according to a conditioned one. The pure functions of the soul are now temporarily covered by sleep. The soul is in a dormant state and the mind has taken over the functions of thinking, feeling and willing. Thinking, feeling and willing comes from the mind now, whereas originally these are from the soul.

In the spiritual world, we have no mind. What a relief! That is reason enough to go there!




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