(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 September 2014, Durban, South Africa, House Program)

26_october_2014Even if we do not have great qualifications, when we are fortunate, we will come into contact with a great devotee of the Lord and that will awaken in our hearts, a desire to serve the Lord. One who has this desire to serve the Lord is very fortunate. Why? Because the service to Krsna is the real goal in life, as the fruits of that service are eternal.

In karma-kanda, we approach the Lord and ask him for some benediction, ‘Give me health, give me wealth, give me beauty!’

But when the devotee approaches Krsna, the devotee only asks for one thing, ‘My dear Krsna, you are indeed the most wonderful person I have ever come across! Oh Krsna! Please allow me to render some service as you are the perfection of my life – there is no greater goal. Therefore, Krsna, I have nothing to ask from you. Krsna, I will not ask you for any benediction, like wealth, beauty or health. No! I will not ask you for that. I will ask you for one thing only: Krsna, may I serve you again and again!’  This is the nature of Krsna, that actually one who attains Krsna desires nothing but Krsna.

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