Report by Brhat Mrdanga Das

KKS_CPT_dec2011Maharaj arrived in Cape Town during the afternoon of the 15th and one would not be able to tell that he had done a Ratha Yatra in Soweto the day before. All programs were at the temple in addition to a university and a loft program. Maharaj relished longer than one hour kirtans at the start of his evening programs which were followed by very intimate lectures. In between programs, giving darshans and chanting rounds, he would work on projects that he is assisting on in Mayapur. Contacting people all over the globe and preparing his propositions and presentations, his advice is very much sought after by the Mayapur project managers…



Courtesy of Tejah Prakash Das


KKS_CPT_15 September2014_Evening_Lecture

KKS_CPT_16 September_Lecture_SB_9.13.5

KKS_CPT_17 September2014_BYS_Leadership_and_Compassion

KKS_CPT_18 September_Lecture_SB_9.13.6

KKS_CPT_18 September2014_Evening_Lecture

KKS_CPT_19 September2014_Evening_Lecture

KKS_CPT_20 September_Lecture_SB_9.13.9

KKS_CPT_20 September2014_Spirit_Matters_Lecture

KKS_CPT_21 September2014_Lecture_CC

KKS_CPT_21 September2014_Sunday_Feast_Lecture



KKS_CPT_15 September2014_Evening_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_18 September2014_Evening_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_19 September2014_Evening_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_20 September2014_Spirit_Matters_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_21 September2014_Sunday_Feast_Kirtan


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