From Cape Town, Kadamba Kanana Swami travelled to Durban on Monday, 22 September. His stay was a week full of exciting programs and kirtans. It started-off on Tuesday with an evening program at the New Jagannatha Puri Temple in Phoenix; followed by a program in Scottburgh on Wednesday, 24 September, which was a public holiday in SA. This was an initiative by the Global Youth Yatra which brought together young people from the local community who got exposure to Krsna consciousness through song-and-dance, interesting discourses and prasadam!

On Thursday and Friday, Maharaj participated in Bhakti Yoga Society Student Retreat that took place at the temple. On Friday night, a program was held at the home of Candrasekhara. Apart from the devotees, many family members and friends also attended who got the opportunity to hear Maharaj render kirtan and speak about Krsna’s Vrindavan pastimes.

Amidst his stay in Durban, Maharaj went to Pretoria for a day to participate in a Saturday afternoon program. On Sunday, another busy day lay ahead with Maharaj attending the Love Feast in Pietermaritzburg at midday and in Durban in the afternoon.

On Monday, the final program of this SA visit took place at the house of Nicole and Kody in Pretoria. Apart all of these engagements, Maharaj also gave morning classes and spent time with the disciples. On Tuesday, he departed for Australia.



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Courtesy of Vibhu Caitanya Das



KKS_DBN_23 September 2014_SB_1.10.4

KKS_NJP_23 September 2014_Evening Lecture

KKS_DBN_24 September 2014_Scottburgh_Lecture

KKS_DBN_26 September 2014_BYS_Lecture_The_path_of_saints

KKS_DBN_26 September 2014_House Program_Lecture

KKS_PTA_27 September 2014_Lecture

KKS_PMB_28 September 2014_Sunday Feast_Lecture

KKS_DBN_28 September 2014_Sunday Feast_Lecture

KKS_PTA_29 September2014_House Program_Lecture




KKS_NJP_23 September 2014_Kirtan I

KKS_NJP_23 September 2014_Kirtan II

KKS_DBN_25 September 2014_BYS_Evening Kirtan

KKS_DBN_26 September 2014_House Program_Kirtan I

KKS_DBN_26 September 2014_House Program_Kirtan II

KKS_PTA_27 September 2014_Kirtan I

KKS_PTA_27 September 2014_Kirtan II

KKS_PMB_28 September 2014_Sunday Feast_Kirtan

KKS_DBN_28 September 2014_Sunday Feast_Kirtan




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