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Kadamba Kanana Swami visited Australia last month. Here are recordings of lectures and kirtans from the programs that he did in various places.

To download a recording, right-click on the title and “save target as” or you may listen on-line by hitting the play button of the media player.



New Govardhana

KKS_AUS_03 October 2014_New Govardhana_SB_7.3.34

KKS_AUS_03 October 2014_New Govardhana_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_03 October 2014_New Govardhana_Short Lecture



KKS_SYD_04 October 2014_Kirtan Cruise_Kirtan

KKS_SYD_04 October 2014_Kirtan Cruise_Lecture

KKS_SYD_05 October 2014_Diety Worship_Lecture

KKS_SYD_05 October 2014_Sunday Feast_Lecture

KKS_SYD_15 October 2014_SB_7.4.41

KKS_SYD_16 October 2014_SB_7.4.43

KKS_SYD_17 October 2014_Kirtan

KKS_SYD_18 October 2014_Govinda Valley_Super Retreat_Musical Lecture



KKS_Canberra_06 October 2014_Kirtan

KKS_Canberra_06 October 2014_Lecture



KKS_MEL_08 October 2014_University Program_Lecture

KKS_MEL_08 October 2014_House Program_Kirtan

KKS_MEL_08 October 2014_House Program_Lecture

KKS_MEL_09 October 2014_SB 3.3.15-16

KKS_MEL_09 October 2014_Bhakti Vrksha_Lecture

KKS_MEL_10 October 2014_SB 3.3.18

KKS_MEL_11 October 2014_Initiation Lecture

KKS_MEL_11 October 2014_Lecture_Ecology

KKS_MEL_14 October 2014_SB 3.3.21

KKS_MEL_15 October 2014_SB 3.3.22



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