KKS_25-11-14 at 3.51 amEvery day, I chant my japa early in the morning before mangal arati, just to chant sixteen rounds without any interruption. Pacing up and down in the room, chanting and trying to hear the chanting. Name after name, simple and sublime.
Today, I was leading Mangal Arati, and an old Bengali devotee named Gaura Hari started drumming. He drums very nicely, he dances around with the mrdanga and his fingers are dancing on the drumheads. When he plays, I always feel like dancing; it’s very nice. We do this every year. I think it’s already 12 or 13 years, that every winter I teach Bhakti Sastri here in Mayapur. It starts next week with the Nectar of Devotion.

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