(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 29 September 2014, Pretoria, South Africa, House Program)

srila-prabhupada-speaks-to-brahmananda-on-juhu-beach-bombay-290x166Brahmananda was telling stories in Vrndavan and I was listening to those. He was ill and Prabhupada did not like it.

Prabhupada was saying like, “How can you be ill? How can you be ill?”
“I am just ill.”
“You are always ill.”

He just was not compassionate at all and Brahmananda was suffering, really suffering and Prabhupada was just harsh, going on like it was some horrible disease – disgusting! Brahmananda began to feel worse and worse. Then Prabhupada came up to him, rubbed his head and then he was cured. In this way, transcendental mercy is there.

Brahmananda said, “Yes, he cured me like that.”

He said, another time he cured me also, “I had back problems and I could not get straight so I was sitting on a chair. All the devotees had gone out preaching. I was the only one left in the temple and then the telephone rang and I felt I had to answer it but I could not. Anyway, somehow or other, I took the phone then it was the secretary who asked to speak to Brahmananda. He said Prabhupada wants you to come immediately and become his secretary again.”

Brahmananda said, “But… but… but how can I come? My back?” Then he suddenly realized that he was standing straight and his back was cured and he said, “I am coming right away.” In this way, he was healed in a transcendental way by Prabhupada’s energy and like that it went on over the years.

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