jalakeli (8)Kadamba Kanana Swami’s stay in Mayapur continues. His service with the Mayapur Master Plan and teaching in the Bhakti Sastri Course keeps him busy. Apart from that, he gives Srimad Bhagavatam classes and takes devotees on parikrama whenever possible.

Recordings and photos are presented below.


Courtesy of Bhakta Ganesh

KKS_Mayapur_01 December 2014_ SB_6.1.50

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_ SB_6.1.32_Russian

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_ Youth Class_Kirtan Part1

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_ Youth Class_Kirtan Part2

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_ Youth Class_Lecture

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_Parikarama_Nrsimha Palli _Kirtan Part1

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_Parikarama_Nrsimha Palli _Kirtan Part2 

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_Parikarama_Nrsimha Palli _Lecture

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_Parikrama_Harihara Ksetra_Kirtan

KKS_Mayapur_November 2014_Parikrama_Harihara Ksetra_Lecture



To see more photos, please visit flickr.

We would like to acknowledge the following devotees for the taking pictures: Ganesh, Jalakeli dd, Sanatani dd and Tukaram das!



In the spirit of “Throwback Thursday”, we present recordings and photos from Kadamba Kanana Swami’s stay in Mayapur in January 2014, which were not posted before. Apologies for the delay!


KKS_Mayapur_12 January 2014_House Program_Lecture and Bhajan

KKS_Mayapur_13 January 2014_Kirtan Academy_Lecture 1

KKS_Mayapur_13 January 2014_Kirtan Academy_Lecture 2

KKS_Mayapur_13 January 2014_Kirtan Academy_Bhajan 1

KKS_Mayapur_13 January 2014_Kirtan Academy_Bhajan 2



To see all the photos of the January 2014 visit, please visit flickr.



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