(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 September 2014, Scottburgh, South Africa, Youth Programme)
SP_smilingOne thing I really did not like was when my father used to say, “Son, life is a compromise.” That was like giving up before you had even started to try for the ideal.

I was always an idealist, and still today, I am an idealist. My father is late, but if I would meet him now, I would say the same thing. He would say that life is a compromise and I would say, “Maybe for you it is but for me, it’s not.”

But how can I say such a thing? How can I say that life is not a compromise when you have to do so many things that you never asked for? Yes, you have to, because of the circumstances – you cannot just do what you want. So how can I say that life is not a compromise?

Of course, it is true – I have to do things like everyone else – things I am obliged to by my environment. That is there! There are laws, there are rules. There are so many restrictions imposed upon me that I did not ask for but I have to play along, otherwise it is too much trouble. So isn’t life a compromise, as my father would say?

I would say, “No, life is not a compromise.” It is not a compromise because I have not sacrificed my ideal. I have not sacrificed my dream. If you do not have a dream, then you are compromised. If we do not have something to really believe in and strive for, then are we really living? Then, are we going anywhere? Then one has given up before one has tried.



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