(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 10 October 2014, Melbourne, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 3.3.18)

Nrsimha_mayapurKrsna is always our well-wisher. Always! No matter what happens, always! Therefore, never become angry with Krsna. That is a mistake. That is a great mistake! We are small, just like here in this temple room, on this floor, there are squares and everyone is sitting on a square, like a piece on a chessboard. The piece on the chessboard cannot oversee the game. He can only see the pieces that are around him. He cannot see everything… but the player can oversee the entire game. In the same way, Krsna can oversee the entire game but we cannot oversee.

So we should not just throw our arms in the air and say, “How can this happen to me!? How can this happen to me? I have given everything to Krsna. How can this happen to me?” No, Krsna understands. Krsna knows who we were in our last lives. We do not know. Krsna knows everything. He knows what we did. We do not know. Krsna knows everything. Krsna will never want to give us unnecessary suffering. Never ever! So whatever our burden may be, we must somehow or other endure it with great faith. We should realize that when we are devotees, then we are going through special difficulties. We should realize, “Krsna has favoured me. He has favoured me. He is making arrangements for my purification. I am fortunate. He has given me special attention, special mercy.” Like that. That is a transcendental vision. In that way, we should take any hardships, knowing that Krsna always protects us. That knowledge is the greatest comfort and with great faith we must be very, very sure about that. Krsna is always protecting us. Even when we do not know, he is protecting us.

“Yeah, but some devotees die. Even in terrible situations, they die. Did Krsna not protect them? Where was Krsna?”

“Krsna was there. Krsna did protect.”

“Ah, he did not. He did not. The devotee died. He did not protect. No, he did not protect him actually. Just died. We have seen devotees that were murdered. Murdered! How can a devotee be murdered? Krsna did not protect.”

“Oh yes, he did.”

“No, he did not.”

“Yes…he did.”

“Then how did he protect?”

KKS_SerbiaHe did not protect the body but he did protect the soul. He never abandoned that soul. Never ever! Krsna never abandons his devotee. The body… okay, you know, sooner or later, it has got to come to an end. I mean, that has to happen. These bodies… what can happen to a material body, that is amazing and it does happen. The material body is not that good. Who wants to keep it? Whenever it is the time, let us get out of this body. That is not a problem. Krsna saves the soul. That is really the essence and that is wonderful!

That faith we must have and we must solidify. It begins with knowledge. First we hear it and we think about it, “Hmmm… I never thought of that… Hmmm, okay, I see. Krsna is protecting the soul.” So, one cannot just have that faith instantly. We have to hear it and think about it and then after we have thought about it, we think, “Yeah that is a fact.” Then, we can have firm faith. Firm, yes! We see that great devotees, they take it like that. That is the secret of the great devotees. That is how they are, abhayam, fearless… because they know that Krsna protects the soul.



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  1. Sanjou Mokhram on

    Maharaj till i have listen to your kritan in Mauritius n watch your lectures on you tude. i have melt, your kirtan n lectures are so auspicious that i want to progress spiritually under your guide. till that day i inspire by you Kadamba kanna Swami Maharaj. Please Maharaj guide me in this material world, give me your instruction to progress spiritually.

    Thank you
    Hare krishna
    Bhakta Sanjou



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