CPT_Dec2014 (20)Please find below recordings from Kadamba Kanana Swami’s visit to Cape Town.

You may listen online by hitting the “play” button or download by right-clicking on a title and “save link as“.



KKS_CPT_ 21December2014_Kirtan_Snana Yatra

KKS_CPT_ 21December2014_Lecture_Snana Yatra

KKS_CPT_ 22December2014_SB_9.19.19

KKS_CPT_ 22December2014_Disciple Meeting_Reading of Pastimes

KKS_CPT_ 22December2014_Disciple Meeting_Lecture

KKS_CPT_ 23December2014_SB_9.19.20

KKS_CPT_ 23December2014_Evening Kirtan

KKS_CPT_ 23December2014_Evening Lecture

KKS_CPT_ 24December2014_SB_9.19.24

KKS_CPT_ 24December2014_Evening Kirtan

KKS_CPT_ 24December2014_Evening Lecture

KKS_CPT_ 25December2014_SB_9.19.25

KKS_CPT_ 25December2014_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_ 25December2014_Lecture

KKS_CPT_ 26December2014_SB 9.19.26

KKS_CPT_ 26December2014_Initiation Lecture

KKS_CPT_27December2014_Short Kirtan

KKS_CPT_27December2014_Evening Lecture

KKS_CPT_ 28December2014_Sunday Feast Lecture

Recordings courtesy of Tejah Prakash Das

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