(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 16 August 2006, Goloka Dhama, Germany, Janmastami Lecture)

yashoda_and_krsnaOne pastime that I like very much is when Krsna eats dirt. I like it so much because Mother Yashoda looks inside Krsna’s mouth and sees the entire universe there, that is quite amazing – the universe is within Krsna, who at the same time, is within the universe! That is really extraordinary! He is within the universe very much, with us, and yet at the same time, the universe is within him. So how is this possible?

By the laws of nature, it is not! By logic, it is not but, it is happening and he shows it to Mother Yashoda right there and then! She sees the real universe because when she looks in his mouth and she sees Krsna in that universe, she also sees herself looking into the mouth of Krsna; and in that universe, again Krsna and again herself; again Krsna and again herself in so many universes! In that way, Mother Yashoda is totally amazed!

Here, we see the nature of the Supreme Lord. It is very nice because here we can develop faith that everything is Krsna! Otherwise we may doubt: how can this cowherd boy who is playing with his calves and the cowherd boys in the forest, how can he at the same time be the origin of everything? How can he be everything? Krsna is simultaneously everything and simultaneously a cowherd boy? How is this possible? Shouldn’t Krsna just be the cowherd boy plus everything, and wouldn’t that be complete?
Mathematically, you would think like that. You would think that God means the personal cowherd boy plus everything else. No, Krsna is already complete. He is complete and yet the universe exists without him as if it is separate from him. It is bewildering but quite amazing. So this pastime is very important because this pastime is really giving us an insight as to how Krsna is everything, and at the same time, how he is separate from everything!

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