(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 28 January 2010, Cape Town, South Africa, Lecture: Nityananda’s Appearance Day)


When we are reaching out to people who have no transcendental knowledge, then we relax the rules and we look at spontaneous service. In this way, we can engage so many people and bring them closer and bring them into our movement. This is the movement of Nityananda, to bring everyone in. It is an all-inclusive movement of great kindness. Lord Nityananda is the emblem of kindness, the emblem of positiveness!

Just like, sometimes you see parents, mother’s with their children, and they are completely positive! I see this little, squeaky monster which is ugly like anything, all red and spotty, the eyes are puffy, hardly any hair on the head and all wrinkled. Then, it makes hellish noises and things like that… So from the male perspective, sometimes it is something not appreciated. The kid is just like hammering on things and then the mother comes and says, “Awh… he loves it so much!” You see this totally positive, parental mood, so positively disposed towards that child. That same mood is in Lord Nityananda! So positive, “Look, how nice! He wants to do a little service, how nice!”

So this is the mood of this movement, so it is therefore a very liberal movement. Nityananda is the main preacher, Nityananda sets the pace! Nityananda is the one who is showing what the mood should be of our endeavours and activities. A mood of just great kindness and seeing the good in everyone. Prabhupada said to find the spark and fan it! Find a little spark of bhakti and fan it – that is the mood of Lord Nityananda…

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