We are two continents behind in reporting on Kadamba Kanana Swami’s travels! We will catch up over the next few days. Maharaj stayed in Mayapur until 19 December. During his time there, he was heavily engaged in various services: the Mayapur Master Plan, teaching in the Bhakti Sastri course, giving initiations, morning lectures, leading kirtan, doing parikrama, etc.

The Bhakti Sastri group, to whom Maharaj taught the “Nectar of Devotion” (NOD), were a very lively bunch. Some interesting exchanges and discussions ensued. You can experience the classroom vibe by listening to the audio recordings which are presented below.

On Saturday, 20 December, Maharaj arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, where he spent nine days. Thereafter, he traveled to Germany to participate in the Sankirtan Festival and other programs. This weekend, he heads-off to the United Kingdom. Detailed reports will follow…



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Audio – NOD Lectures

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part1a

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part1b

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part2a

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part2b

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part3

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part4

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part5

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part6

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part7

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part8

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part9

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_NOD_seminar_Part10


Audio – Other

KKS_Mayapur_04 December 2014_SB 6.1.50_Russian

KKS_Mayapur_14 December  2014_SB 6.2.3

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_Parikrama Lecture_Bhaktivinodha

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_Parikrama Lecture

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_Kirtan1

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_Kirtan2

KKS_Mayapur_December 2014_Kirtan3


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