(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 23 December 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Evening Lecture)

8524196618_9a491644fa_oThere is always mercy to give to people, at work also. Some people are such good preachers, it is amazing. Just like in London, there is this Chinese lady and she sometimes comes to see me off at the airport and then she starts preaching there. She preaches to Chinese people. She always finds some Chinese and she wants to give the mercy to them!

Once, she met some Chinese people and she found out that they had an eight hour wait at the airport and said to them, “Oh, then you can come to the temple.” And she took them to the temple. She just took them to the temple! That is the spirit, it is possible.

She works for a construction department of the government and she has to approve construction projects, so like budgets and certain inspections… and even there she is preaching all day. All day at work, no problem, but she does her job.

So, there are so many ways to serve Krsna. Everyone can serve Krsna twenty-four hours a day. It does not matter where you live.

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