(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 October 2014, Sydney, Australia, Sunday Feast Lecture)
Krsna and the cowherd boysWho can understand Krsna? Who can understand that there is a personality behind all these unlimited energies? Who can understand that there is not only one universe, but that there are many universes and that all these universes are emanating from the Supreme Lord? Who can understand that Krsna has unlimited qualities? Although he is a person, he is by no means limited, but rather his qualities have no end. The devotee spends eternity in exploring these qualities of Krsna, discovering them and becoming enlivened by them. All Krsna’s qualities are wonderful and bring so much insiration! Wonderful Krsna!

Krsna is not dry, not boring. He is not working. There are unlimited energies emanating from Krsna, but Krsna has no work to perform. Krsna is the Supreme Controller, but Krsna does not need to push buttons or pull strings to control things. Things are simply going on by his desire and he himself is engaged in unlimited blissful pleasure pastimes. That is Krsna!

The devotees are seeing and appreciating all these unlimited qualities of Krsna. Therefore, the devotees glorify Krsna. That is their business.

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