Report by Jay Nitai Das 

After the Radhadesh Mellows festival (24-25 January), Kadamba Kanana Swami stayed for two weeks in Amsterdam. Coming from Radhadesh, he was still recovering from the pain in his back and neck which had already started in England but became fully manifest in Radhadesh. While in Radhadesh, Maharaj had to keep his back straight because of the pain and he had difficulty in moving and sleeping.

For Nityananda Trayodasi (01 February) in Amsterdam, Maharaj led an ecstatic kirtan for almost two hours and gave a wonderful talk in Dutch, explaining the glories and pastimes of Lord Nityananda. The following Sunday, again Maharaj led kirtan and it was difficult for him to stop singing the glories of Krsna. After one and a half hours of kirtan, he started the lecture.

During his stay in Amsterdam, Maharaj did not do any other programs. He was busy preparing a presentation for the GBC about the Master Plan in Mayapur. So his main activities were to recover from the problems with the back, office work and to encourage the devotees!

Before Kadamba Kanana Swami left Amsterdam, for a one day stay in Germany where he did a program in Weimar, he did a program at the home of Uddhava and Visakha. Again, he could not stop singing, being absorbed in the sweetness of the holy name in a joyful kirtan. On 14 February, Maharaj left Europe for Mayapur.


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Courtesy of Asta Sakhi dd

KKS – Kirtan – 01 February 2015 – Nityananda’s Appearance Day

KKS – Kirtan – 08 February 2015 – Sunday Program



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