(Kadamba Kanana Swami, October 2014, Vrindavan, India, Lecture at Ter Kadamba)

sp initiationThere was Hans Keilman. He was travelling in India and somehow he came to the Bombay Temple. While the devotees were talking to him, they found out that he was an architect. They brought him before Prabhupada, and said, “Prabhupada, this is Hans from Holland and he is an architect.”

Prabhupada asked, “Can you draw a temple?” He described what he wanted – it was the Krsna Balaram Temple in Vrindavan. Hans started working on it. Prabhupada liked it and then said, “Tomorrow there will be initiations. I want to invite you.”

Hans asked, “Who will be initiated?”

Prabhupada said, “You!”

It happened that way. He just got kidnapped! So that was amazing! Srila Prabhupada would endear himself to people, overpower them and bring them close, and once they were close, he would challenge them in so many ways!

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