UK_Jan_2015 (5)Please find below, recordings from Kadamba Kanana Swami’s visit to England (10-19 January). Courtesy of Bhakta Shiv.

To listen online, press the play button. To download, right-click on a title and ‘save target as’.



KKS_UK_Manor_10 January 2015_Kirtan Fiesta

KKS_UK_Manor_14 January 2015_SB 9.10.16

KKS_UK_Leicester_11 January 2015_Initiation Kirtan

KKS_UK_Leicester_11 January 2015_Initiation Lecture

KKS_UK_Manor_13 January 2015_Living_with_conflicts_and_opinions_Part 1

KKS_UK_Manor_13 January 2015_Living_with_conflicts_and_opinions_Part 2

KKS_UK_Soho_15 January 2015_SB 10.77.33-37

KKS_UK_Soho_15 January 2015_Lunch Class_BG 2.67

KKS_UK_Soho_15 January 2015_Lunch Class_QandA

KKS_UK_Soho_15 January 2015_Evening Class_BG 15.17

KKS_UK_Soho_15 January 2015_Evening Kirtans

KKS_UK_Manor_16 January 2015_SB 9.10.21-22

KKS_UK_Matchless Gifts_16 January 2015_Evening Kirtan

KKS_UK_Matchless Gifts_16 January 2015_Evening Lecture

KKS_UK_Manor_19 January 2015_SB 9.10.23

KKS_UK_Manor_19 January 2015_Brahmacari Class


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