(Kadamba Kanana Swami, February 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, Lecture) 

lord-krishnaIt is certainly good to look for inspiration in the association of devotees but we must also learn to find it when we are completely alone. If we always try to fill the vacuum by being with others and hoping that something inspirational is going to happen, then each time when we are alone, we fall back in a vacuum.

No, we must also learn to appreciate Krsna’s presence when we are alone. He’s here! He’s always here! He’s really here! We are never alone! Krsna is here in all his magnificent glories. So where is the question of having to go to anyone when we have Krsna?

In any relationship, there is always a third person – Krsna, and he is by far more inspiring than any other person. It is Krsna that is the most inspiring person in any relationship. So, we have to remember the third person is always there, and ultimately, that he is the one! The one whom we are actually taking inspiration from!

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