KKS_feb2015An ecstatic Kirtan Mela took place in Mayapur this past week with many of our great Iskcon kirtan leaders having participated. Hundreds of devotees traveled to India to be part of the experience while thousands from all over the world watched online.

Kadamba Kanana Swami brought down the house a few times. As he mentioned in the intro to his kirtan yesterday (20 February), “Peacefully chanting is something I am not famous for…

Here are the videos in case you missed out or if you would like to relive the experience!



KKS – Day 1 – Kirtan Mela – Mayapur

KKS – Day 2 – Kirtan Mela – Mayapur

KKS – Day 3 – Kirtan Mela – Mayapur

KKS – Day 4 – Kirtan Mela – Mayapur

KKS – Day 5 – Kirtan Mela – Mayapur



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