(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27 January 2013, Radhadesh, Belgium, Radhadesh Mellows Class)

peacocksIf we simply chant in the mood of being Krsna’s servant: Krsna is my whole life… all my energy is for His glorification and everything I do, I do for that. If one spends a life like that then Krsna will just shower us and shower us with mercy. The example that Prabhupada gave was that Krsna has ten arms! If you hold onto your material attachments, how can you stop Him!? You have it on one arm and then you try to block Him with the other one but He has ten arms. He gets around you… on top of you… everywhere… and He has got it out of your hand in no time!

So, whatever Krsna wants to take from us, there is nothing that we can do. Therefore, let go! Then when we let go of all our false possessions, our false pride, our false hopes, our small petty little things that are so important to us, if we let go, then, yes – Krsna has ten arms. Then Krsna will give and when He starts giving with ten arms, He gives more than we can hold! Krsna gives us beyond our dreams!

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