(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 16 January 2015, London, England, Lecture at Matchless Gifts)

Queensday_2013If we see ourselves as a master, “I am trying to be master. You are all my dogs, then what will we get? A world where nobody trusts each other and everyone is thinking, “Who is going to exploit me next?” It is a world where everyone has defense mechanisms – a world with walls, a world with locks, a world full of strangers.

That has to change. It can change only when we take up spiritual life! We can only become really close to each other when we all serve the same Supreme Lord Krsna. Then we can be bound as brothers, sisters and friends. When will that day come – the day when we need no more keys?

Now you need a phone because you are in a city full of strangers and at least you can call a friend. But what if everyone is your friend? Then you would not need a phone.

I remember when I used to walk around in India. I was alone and had no money. I would just walk up to some house and ask for some water. They would give me water and offer me a meal as well!

This is culture – the culture where we see the whole world as one big family, not a world of strangers but a family based on real friendship, being real well-wishers of each other. We are all actually desiring this. This is what we are hankering for. We want such a world because everyone feels strange in a world full of strangers.


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