(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 05 April 2009, Durban, South Africa, Lecture)

KKS_harmoniumOnce, at a program in Johannesburg, as I came out of the car, the devotees were very eager to help me get out of the car and someone was very eager to close the door… but my hand was still inside and my hand got caught in the door – four fingers were caught in the door!

I do not know which was worse – the pain of the hand being caught between the door or the pain in my mind, thinking that four fingers were gone and I will have to go through life from now on, missing four fingers from my hand!

Anyway, at the same time, I called out, “Open the door!!!” which they did and as my hand came out, it was perfectly alright! Suddenly, I realized, “All glories to the car designers!”  What foresight! They planned for it by the putting the rubber-belt in there! Believe it or not, I even played harmonium that evening although a little slower than usual!

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