(Kadamba Kanana Swami, June 2013, Summer Camp, Czech Republic, Initiation Lecture)

Australia_2008Faith is essential. One must have faith that Krsna will protect me, rakshishyathi vishvaso. One must have faith that if I choose for Krsna then I will not miss out on anything. Not that we regret, “Oh, I took initiation and now, I cannot be like ordinary people anymore. So many things I have given up!”

No, we must know that all our desires will be fulfilled! In material life, our dreams are always greater than reality, therefore it is said that material existence is frustrating because we are never satisfied. But spiritual life is the opposite – in serving Guru and Krsna, we will be satisfied beyond our imagination!

An example is of Dhruva Maharaj. He wanted a kingdom greater than his father and greater than his grandfather, Lord Brahma. But then, when Dhruva Maharaj approached the Supreme Lord for a material purpose – when he actually received the darsana of the Supreme Lord – he had a change of heart! Then, he realized that all these material desires that he desired so much were like broken pieces of glass, and now he had received the most valuable jewels, unexpectedly. So this faith must be strong that actually by taking shelter of the regulative principles of devotional service and by taking shelter of chanting the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, all our desires will be fulfilled!


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