From Mayapur, Kadamba Kanana Swami traveled to Europe. First up, he spent a few days in Heidelberg, Germany and thereafter traveled to Sweden. Maharaj arrived in Stockholm on 4 March for a long celebration of the appearance day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu. He stayed at New Radhakunda, the North European BBT center, which is the home of Sri Sri Gandharvika Giridhari. Morning lectures were given there. Every evening, he gave a program at the Hare Krsna Center in downtown Stockholm. From Sweden, he traveled to Berlin for a few days and currently, he is in the Czech Republic.



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KKS_SWE_Stockholm_04 March 2015_CC Adi 9.10

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_05 March 2015_CC Adi 13.19_Gaurapurnima

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_05 March 2015_Gaurapurnima Lecture

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_NRK_06 March 2015_SB 3.1.1

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_06 March 2015_CC Adi 16.24

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_07 March 2015_CC Madhya 1.183

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_NRK_08 March 2015_SB 3.1.4

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_08 March 2015_Sunday Feast Lecture



KKS_SWE_Stockholm_04 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_05 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra_Gaurapurnima

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_05 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra_Gaurapurnima_Abhisek

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_06 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_07 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra

KKS_SWE_Stockholm_08 March 2015_Bhajans_Mahamantra


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