(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 2010, Chowpatty, India, Lecture)

Transcribed by Madhumati dd

SP_obeisancesOne must be careful in dealing with saintly persons. One must be respectful – that is important! We must serve saintly persons respectfully; we pray at the dust of their feet which means that we must be prepared to accept them as our superior and accept them as those who are more capable in devotional service than we are, who are more capable in pleasing Krsna than we are!

So, our service is not so significant. There are others who are making a much greater sacrifice than we do therefore we must always be in the mood to recognize the service of others…

If we think, “I am very qualified, I am aristocratic, I am learned, I am wealthy and good looking as well. All these wonderful qualities I have and people know it and therefore they are respecting me!” Then it will be more difficult to give respect.


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