(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 December 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Evening Lecture)

Question: In terms of rendering service, in everything you do, do you do it with the understanding that I am doing it for my spiritual master or am I doing it for Krsna. Who do you think of when you do service?

GauraNitai_HungaryWell, I am doing it for both. I am doing it for Krsna and I am doing it for my spiritual master. By the grace of my spiritual master, I can do some service for Krsna. Without him, I could not do anything for Krsna. Without him, how could I maintain doing anything for Krsna. My spiritual master has given me this service which is certainly very pleasing to Krsna, therefore through my spiritual master, I am serving Krsna. So the two come together!

When we are on the altar, we are serving the deity and making nice arrangements for Krsna but still, we know that we are there by the grace of our spiritual master and not by our own qualifications, “I am not qualified actually but my spiritual master is so merciful that he lets me do it anyway and now, I am dressing the deity. Even though I am not qualified, I know it works because my spiritual master’s prayer is there!”

But, it is not that only personal service to the spiritual master is the highest. Any service rendered to spread the glories of Krsna in the world and immediately, the eyes of the spiritual master lights up. From the time that we really surrender unto the spiritual master, we become his property so therefore our whole existence is now dedicated to him… and for him, we do something for Krsna!


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