(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 19 March 2015, Pretoria, South Africa, Evening Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 1.1)

At the end of the eleventh chapter (of Bhagavad-gita), we have all the knowledge and we know there is no other thing to do in life than to surrender to Krsna. But, then comes chapter twelve which is the chapter for the failures. Chapter twelve is for the ones who know what to do but who still do not get it together. That is chapter twelve. So anybody that is a twelve can like put twelve on his shirt (laughter), you know, a big twelve on the back. A twelve. If you are a twelve, what can be done?

JanmashtamiThere are a number of verses in this twelfth chapter which point out that if you cannot follow the rules and regulations, that is a difficulty. There are many rules and regulations. If one cannot follow those, then Krsna says, “Then work for me.” But sometimes that is not possible due to family conditions. They will not allow it. You want to work for Krsna but they will not allow it. Then what? Then we can meditate on Krsna. We can do that. We can try and meditate on Krsna. Well, like that, there is chapter twelve.

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