We continue with reporting on Kadamba Kanana Swami’s visit to South Africa. It has been a very busy tour for Maharaj as he travelled between provinces, participating in various programs. Yesterday, he left for a short visit to Mauritius, a small island that is about 2000 km away from the east coast of SA, where Kirtan Mela is taking place (10–12 April). A live-steam is promised to be available via Mayapur TV from 10 am–10 pm (GMT +4). Once the schedule is known, we will share it with you. After the Kirtan Mela, Maharaj will return to SA for another week and then he will travel to Europe!

Here are further details about his stay in SA. After landing in Johannesburg on 19 March and being part of some programs in the region and the Ratha Yatra in Newcastle, Maharaj travelled to Durban on Monday, 24 March. Maharaj has been visiting Durban for twenty years now so he is a well-known personality, especially for his insightful classes, energetic kirtans and caring nature. Devotees sought after his association at the many engagements he held i.e. morning lectures, university preaching, Sunday Feast and home programs. On Wednesday evening, a special lecture entitled “The Science of Knowledge” was presented by Maharaj at the temple. HH Indradyumna Swami, who is currently spending some time recovering in Durban, attended the program and shared his appreciation of Kadamba Kanana Swami.

For the auspicious occasion of Rama Naumi, Maharaj travelled back to Johannesburg for the celebration at the temple in Lenasia. In addition to the many activities in glorification of Lord Ramachandra, a big initiation ceremony took place. On Sunday morning (29 March), Maharaj flew back to Durban and was the guest-speaker at the Sunday Feast programs at the New Jagannatha Puri Temple at 11 am and at the Sri Sri Radhanath Temple at 3 pm! In the days leading up to the Ratha Yatra Festival, Maharaj took some time to “tank up”…

Rama Naumi and Durban Ratha Yatra will be elaborated on in subsequent posts. Maharaj’s tour has been so full of activity that just following him around for a couple of days has been tiring. It leaves us awestruck as to how he does it week-after-week, year-after-year… We are grateful to the Lord for empowering Maharaj and allowing him to give so much of himself wherever he is!



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KKS_DBN_24 March 2015_BYS_Lecture

KKS_DBN_25 March 2015_BYS_Lecture

KKS_DBN_25 March 2015_Lecture_Science_of_Knowledge

KKS_DBN_25 March 2015_SB_1.13.20

KKS_DBN_26 March 2015_Home Program_Ramayana_Lecture

KKS_DBN_27 March 2015_SB_1.13.22

KKS_NJP_29 March 2015_Sunday Feast_Lecture

KKS_DBN_29 March 2015_Sunday Feast_Lecture


KKS_DBN_01 April 2015_SB_1.13.24



KKS_DBN_24 March 2015_BYS_Kirtan

KKS_DBN_25 March 2015_Evening_Kirtan

KKS_DBN_26 March 2015_Home Program_Kirtan

KKS_NJP_29 March 2015_Sunday Feast_Kirtan

KKS_DBN_29 March 2015_Sunday Feast_Kirtan_I

KKS_DBN_29 March 2015_Sunday Feast_Kirtan_II


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