cpt_17April2015Here are audio recordings taken during Kadamba Kanana Swami’s visit to Cape Town. Apologies for the poor quality of some files. You may listen online by clicking the “play” button. To download, right-click and “save target as“.



KKS_CPT_15 April 2015_CC_Evening_Lecture

KKS_CPT_16 April 2015_SB_1.1.6

KKS_CPT_16 April 2015_CC_Evening_Lecture

KKS_CPT_17 April 2015_SB_1.1.7

KKS_CPT_17 April 2015_Lunar Appearance Day_Lecture

KKS_CPT_17 April 2015_Lunar Appearance Day_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_18 April 2015_Pringle Bay_Kirtan

KKS_CPT_19 April 2015_JRM_Bhajan

KKS_CPT_19 April 2015_CC_Adi_17.295

KKS_CPT_19 April 2015_Initiation_Lecture

KKS_CPT_19 April 2015_Sunday Feast_Bhajan

KKS_CPT_19 April 2015_Sunday Feast_Kirtan



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