The Vyasa Puja Festival took place from 25-28 April. A nice descriptive article of the events has been published previously (click here to view). Kadamba Kanana Swami arrived in Radhadesh a few days early and stayed until the 30th.

For your pleasure, audio recordings are presented below. Listen online by clicking the play button. To download, right-click on a title and save target as. If you cannot view the media files below then visit You can download everything in a zip file by clicking here.

The recording of the offerings from the Vyasa Puja ceremony are available on the Vyasa Puja download page. This page is protected with a password for privacy reasons. For the password, you can check our Facebook page or mail us to get it!

vp2015 (93)

Before Vyasa Puja

KKS_Radhadesh_23 April 2015_Bhajan_JRM

KKS_Radhadesh_23 April 2015_Lecture_SB_6.18.26-30

KKS_Radhadesh_24 April 2015_Bhajan_JRM

KKS_Radhadesh_24 April 2015_Lecture_SB_6.18.31-34

KKS_Radhadesh_24 April 2015_Bhajan_Evening_Temple Room

KKS_Radhadesh_25 April 2015_Guruvastakam

KKS_Radhadesh_25 April 2015_Bhajan_JRM

KKS_Radhadesh_25 April 2015_Lecture_SB_6.18.35-37


Cultural Festival 

Radhadesh_Cultural_Festival_25 April 2015_Bhajans_by_Vraja Krsna Das

Radhadesh_Cultural_Festival_25 April 2015_Introduction_by_Vasudev_and_Ter Kadamba

KKS_Radhadesh_25 April 2015_Lecture_Cultural_Program

Radhadesh_Cultural_Festival_25 April 2015_Bhaktivedanta Players_and_KKS_Quiz

Radhadesh_Cultural_Festival_25 April 2015_Bhajans_by_Manu_Temple Room


Vyasa Puja Day

KKS_Radhadesh_26 April 2015_Guruvastakam

KKS_Radhadesh_26 April 2015_Morning Lecture_CC_Madhya_24.124

Radhadesh_Vyasa Puja_26 April 2015_Guruvastakam_by_Gurudas

KKS_Radhadesh_26 April 2015_Vyasa Puja_Address_to_disciples

Radhadesh_Vyasa Puja_26 April 2015_GuruPuja_by_Nrshima Caitanya

KKS_Radhadesh_26 April 2015_Initiation_Lecture


After Vyasa Puja

KKS_Radhadesh_28 April 2015_Lecture_SB_6.18.38


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