(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 03 April 2015, Durban, South Africa, Ratha Yatra Lecture: Sexuality and Spirituality)

Continued from Sexual entanglement

So now, let us shift to the soul. If we invest in the soul, then we invest in spirituality, in spirit, then we invest less energy into the body and less for the material energy.

885797_10200698830016098_1081328121_o (1)You know, the problem is that the world is oversexed. They make too much of it. It is not that good! It does not bring that much happiness. We may have some attachment there but happiness, fulfilment? No. Fulfilment only comes on the spiritual platform. That is why we are here, at this festival. We would not have come to this festival if there was not something in us that got sparked, that got touched because we feel a need for something deeper, something more meaningful than just the things that the world has to offer. Even if sexuality takes place in love, which it is like the highest material manifestation of it, it still entangles us more and more into bodily existence.

Spiritual life – spirit is eternal. The soul is eternal and the soul has an eternal relationship with Krsna. When the soul enters into a material body, that soul enters into a dormant state. The soul falls asleep and lends some energy to the body but the soul is not really part of it because the soul cannot enjoy matter so the soul cannot enjoy the body. The mind enjoys the body. But when we do some service for Krsna, then the soul awakens and taste develops; and the more service we do for Krsna, the less interest we have in the material affairs.

Therefore, between spirituality and sexuality, we have to put weight on the spiritual side by doing service for Krsna, then gradually the other becomes smaller. If we put all the weight on sexuality, then the spiritual side becomes small and we get more and more into the body and then gradually that side gets all the weight, and as we get more and more into the body, we get selfish and then it is about ME and MY enjoyment! Then others are to be used by ME for MY enjoyment. So bodily consciousness like that!

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