(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 24 May 2015, Sydney, Australia, Sunday Feast Lecture, Bhagavad-gita 7.20)

Radharani_HungaryThe demigods can actually give us what the senses want. It is possible but we should know that all these fruits are temporary! It will be taken away. We will lose it anyway. Whatever we get, whatever we gain, we will lose it. It will be destroyed by time. Ask an old man. It all gets taken away by time. Time takes everything away. Like some men are old but they have beautiful hair and then you wonder, “Is it real or is it false?”

There was a film I saw. This couple had come back from a party.  A Hollywood type of couple; they were like really good looking. He was athletic and she had gorgeous blonde hair and all the right measurements in the right places. When they came home, they took their shoes off and it turned out that he had false plateaus inside the shoes and immediately he became two inches shorter. Then as he took off his jacket with the false shoulder fillings, she let out the air of the balloons. He let his belly strap go, they both pulled their wigs off and in the end, there were these two old people, sitting in bed and their teeth smiling at you from a glass of water (laughter). It was a really good movie, very impressive. So all of us, to an extent, are playing that game. You know, a little aftershave, somehow or other, make it look good. Why do you think everyone is jogging like that? Why do you think? Why are people jogging?

They want to look good. Yes, but look good for what? They want to look good when they take their clothes off. That is why they want to look good. That is why they run around the block, to be fit for sex life; that message we get also from Bhagavatam. The centre of the entire world is sex life and everything else is a backdrop for sex life. Believe it or not but that is actually the root of everything.

Prabhupada’s disciple, Brahmananda, was saying that in university he had to write an essay and in the essay, he wrote that people are driven by a spiritual desire. Then he said, “And my professor did not like that essay.” To Prabhupada he said, “Because my professor was saying everything in this world is driven by sex desire.” Brahmananda was saying, “This professor was such a materialist.” And Prabhupada said, “Your professor was right!”

That is actually the case. When we take to Krsna consciousness, we realize that all these temporary things may offer some pleasures, but it will never be the most important thing in life. The only thing that is really important is Krsna.

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