(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 May 2015, Melbourne, Australia, Personal Address)

Estonia_BusWe have grown up in a particular situation; we have integrated into the world and then in the middle of that, suddenly there is Krsna consciousness with a whole new system of values! These two kind of clash, though in some ways they mix fine together but you have to figure out a balance.

In due course of time, we have to come to a natural way of life in Krsna consciousness. It cannot be artificial. We are what we are! To an extent, we can change. You know, somebody with a hot temper can learn to count to ten and keep cool… to a degree, until it gets really TOO MUCH! (laughter)

So we can adjust our character a bit but basically we have a nature and we have to engage that nature in devotional service. Of course, devotional service is not only about doing according to our nature, it is also about doing the needful for the movement. Like no-one might say, “It’s my nature to clean toilets,” and then no-one will clean them, until someone comes who says, “Okay, I will do the needful.”

But still, we do have a nature and we engage that nature in the service of Krsna because those are the things we will be good at. We have to find some natural engagement, some natural service in Krsna consciousness and if we are good at it, it is also more satisfying.

Krsna consciousness is not artificial. We are what we are and we just engage our personality in the service of Krsna. It is not about oppressing our nature.

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