The last part of Kadamba Kanana Swami’s stay in Australia was at New Govardhana, a farming community in Murwillumbah. Below are recordings from the various programs. Maharaj departed Australia on 02 June and after a week in Europe, he is currently in the UK.

Courtesy of Michael


KKS_AUS_NGV_28 May 2015_WOOFers Program_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_NGV_28 May 2015_WOOFers Program_Lecture

KKS_AUS_NGV_28 May 2015_Evening Lecture_CC_Adi_8.1_Intro_to_Krishnadas_Kaviraja_Goswami

KKS_AUS_NGV_28 May 2015_Evening Lecture_CC_Madhya_4.1_Madhavendra_Puri

KKS_AUS_NGV_30 May 2015_Kirtan_at_Surfers_Paradise_1

KKS_AUS_NGV_30 May 2015_Kirtan_at_Surfers_Paradise_2

KKS_AUS_NGV_30 May 2015_Lecture_Turning_Surfers_Paradise_into_Celestial_Paradise

KKS_AUS_NGV_30 May 2015_Evening Lecture_CC_Antya_7.1_Vallabha Bhatta

KKS_AUS_NGV_01 June 2015_Evening Lecture_CC_Antya_20.12

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