(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27 May 2015, Sydney, Australia, Srimad Bhagavatam 7.10.23)

aus_2015This morning, I listened to the sankirtan scores being announced. It was very nice. I was very happy to hear that books are going out. But, what if I get a little cynical or sceptical, and I say, “Well, how many people are there in Sydney and how many books did you distribute? If you go at this pace, it is going to take forever to get books out to all the people of Sydney! How are we going to make an impact? Are we actually changing the city… and what about the country? So, is our mission successful?”

We have to take it that our mission is successful and that it does not depend on material calculations! This kind of material calculation does not apply – so many books going every day and the population is this number therefore mathematically, it would take an average of so many days before we can finally reach the people of Sydney, and then we hope that they all surrender! No, it is not like that because the ancient story of the sparrow who had lost her eggs in the ocean, applies. The sparrow had threatened the ocean, “If you do not return my eggs, I will drink your water!” The ocean did not care but Garuda cared! Garuda was attracted by the sincerity of that sparrow, and then Garuda threatened to drink the water of the ocean.

So this ‘Garuda principle’ is there. If we endeavour to spread Krsna consciousness, that attracts the causeless mercy of Krsna and then Krsna will do it. Ultimately, Krsna will do it! When the Lord is attracted by the service of the devotees, the Lord intervenes and then it starts happening!

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