(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 April 2015, Radhadesh, Belgium, Vyasa Puja Morning Lecture, Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila 24.124)

aus_2015I would like to speak about the theme of collecting blessings because that is the reason why we are here. When it comes to spiritual strength, on our own we don’t really have any. The exception might be for some very advanced devotees but for most of us, we are not having that much strength. So, seeking blessings and seeking shelter is the only thing we can do and we should do it constantly. Therefore, a lot of hearing, a lot of chanting and a lot of service is what is required. See, when spiritual life becomes a routine, still it is undoubtedly very powerful, as it is a transcendental routine so whatever little thing we do is quite powerful. However, ‘This will do,’ is not a good mentality. The mentality should be to think, ‘It may be not enough!’  And what if it IS not enough!? What if is not enough to attract Krsna’s mercy? Mercy of Krsna cannot be taken for granted therefore one should not start thinking, ‘Well, I think I am doing reasonably well. I think by common standards, one can say that I am doing reasonably well. So, I think I can be satisfied.’

KKS_night harinamI can agree with those words to an extent but still, I myself cannot ever think like that – it is not possible. I am kind of afraid to think like that because I might be satisfied, but is Krsna going to be satisfied? And if He is not going to be satisfied then what will happen in the end, what will the result be? So I better go the extra mile then!

To balance this, I have to say that it is not a statement which is meant to drive people into over-endeavor where we begin to push ourselves in spiritual life where we harm our sadhana, our health and actually, we harm Krsna’s interest. It is in Krsna’s interest that we maintain our body in a good condition so that it remains a suitable tool. There is really no heroism in taking bath in ice water when twenty years later one is bent over with arthritis and seriously slowing down in service. I know about these things! Over-endeavor is not what I am advocating when I am speaking about going the extra mile. But when I speak about the extra mile, it is also not fanaticism, when one might say about me, ‘Well, it’s his nature!’ Now, that might be true to an extent. You know, in Vedic astrology, I have a Leo rising and lions are not pussycats, so what to do about that! (laughter) And also in Vedic astrology, upon the planets there are stars called naksatras which are at a greater distance and these stars give a particular influence – so in my case, there is a naksatra that makes me the lion on the chase. So I am not your lazy lion! I try sometimes but I cannot be one! (laughter)  I wish I could sometimes. I had my moments when I thought, ‘I wish I could just do nothing!’ But there is no such thing. However, to such wishes there is not a great benefit because the real benefit is there in the service.

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