During his recent visit to Australia, Kadamba Kanana Swami spent some days in Sydney after visiting Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. Here are recordings from the various programs that he did.

Courtesy of Michael

Audio – Sydney

KKS_AUS_SYD_27 May 2015_Lecture_SB_7.10.23

KKS_AUS_SYD_26 May 2015_Evening Lecture_CC

KKS_AUS_GovindaValley_25 May 2015_ Initiation_Bhajan

KKS_AUS_GovindaValley_25 May 2015_ Initiation_Lecture

KKS_AUS_SYD_24 May 2015_Sunday Feast_Lecture_BG_ 7.20

KKS_AUS_Cronulla_23May 2015_Heart_and_Soul_Yoga_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_Cronulla_23 May2015_Lecture_SB_1.8.35

KKS_AUS_Cronulla_22 May 2015_UNSW_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_Cronulla_22 May 2015_Govindas Ashrama_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_Cronulla_22 May 2015_Govindas Ashrama_Intro_to_Kirtan


Audio – Canberra and Melbourne

KKS_AUS_Canberra_21 May 2015_Lecture_SB_4.14.45

KKS_AUS_Canberra_20 May 2015_Kirtan

KKS_AUS_MEL_19 May 2015_Bhakti Vrksha_Program_Part2

KKS_AUS_MEL_19 May 2015_Bhakti Vrksha_Program_Part1

KKS_AUS_MEL_19 May 2015_Lecture_SB_3.10.3

KKS_AUS_MEL_17 May 2015_40th Anniversary_Gaura Nitai_Abhishek_Kirtan


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