Kadamba Kanana Swami visited England from 10-17 June and 29 June-02 July. Presented below are recordings and photos from his various engagements. We have published many articles previously describing the first part of Maharaj’s stay in England. Here is a list of them: Summary, London Ratha Yatra, Arrival Day and Chinese Sanga.



Visit Flickr to see more pictures.



KKS_UK_BM_11 June 2015_SB 9.18.38-39

KKS_UK_BM_12 June 2015_SB 9.18.40

KKS_UK_BM_14 June 2015_Special Ratha Yatra Class

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 1

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 2

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Vibhavari Sesa

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Lecture_Vibhavari Sesa

KKS_UK_Soho_30 June 2015_BG 1.13-14

KKS_UK_BM_01 July 2015_SB 9.19.11

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_CC Madhya 9.81

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 1

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 2

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