(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 May 2015, Melbourne, Australia, Personal Address)
Krishna-and-the-gopas-cowherad-boys-eat-their-lunch-in-VrindavanUltimately, whatever has to happen will happen at the right time, but still, we have choices to make. When we cross the street, it is not like, Oh! What is happening? I am crossing the street!” No, you are choosing to cross the street. So with everything, you choose. You choose if you are going to have another spoon of sabji or not, or one more roti… it is your choice!

Sometimes people say, “Yes, I will be a devotee when Krsna makes me a devotee. I am just surrendered.” This philosophy is dismissing the personal responsibility that we have of making choices. We are making choices. At the right time, the choice comes to us then we have to make it. “Shall I do it? Shall I be a devotee or shall I not be a devotee?”

That is your choice and your responsibility. If you say, “No!” Then you also have to face the consequences, and you are responsible for that.

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