(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 06 April 2015, Durban, South Africa, Ratha Yatra Lecture: The secret of spiritual advancement)

KKS_harmoniumIt is said that the spiritual master is very pleased when the devotees chant the holy name and play musical instruments. The playing of musical instruments is our tradition; it is not about being a musician. Some of us may be more musically inclined than others; that is a fact but every member of the sankirtan movement is meant to learn a little bit of how to play a musical instrument, a little beat, and simply chant Hare Krsna. When we just chant like that, it does not matter what melody, it is just ultra-positive and it is a simple thing to do. So if you want to know one of my secrets, it is doing just that! It is not that I am such a great musician, in fact I am a terribly bad harmonium player compared to some others, there are many others who are much better than me, but I like to sing and I realize that this singing is giving me positive energy. These are inspirational things we have to look for!

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