(Kadamba Kanana Swami, Untitled Lecture)

SP_smilingThe other day, I was reading one page of the Lilamrta and it was a description of a person who had come to the temple for the first time and who met Prabhupada. Prabhupada was lecturing and the person said it was almost impossible to understand him as his accent was so heavy. But he could see that this was an old man and it was not easy for him to do what he was doing! He could see that the old man had taken a tremendous effort to come to the West. He could see that Prabhupada was learned and that had spent many years spreading a message. And now, even though his accent was so thick, with difficulty still he was trying to communicate with others. So, the man felt compelled to try and understand even though he could not understand it well because he could see that Prabhupada was very genuine that he had no interest in impressing anyone.

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