(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 19 May 2015, Melbourne, Australia, Bhakti Vrksha Programme Part 2)

Question: What is the purpose of God? Why has he created all the living beings and the spiritual world?

12July2015_MayapurThe purpose of God is to enjoy the greatest happiness. The greatest happiness is found in loving exchanges. Therefore, the Supreme Lord is engaging in loving relationships with every living being and his purpose is to increase that loving relationship eternally. That is actually the spiritual world.
Here in the material world, our love has turned away from God and our love has turned for ourselves and our possessions – I and mine! This is illusion! So the process of sadhana is purifying us from our greed, our lust, our anger and then it awakens our original love for God. When that is awakened, then we understand that what we are looking for in this world is small pleasure compared to the pleasure that is there in serving the Lord.

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