We last wrote about Kadamba Kanana Swami’s stay in Slovakia which was followed by Ratha Yatra festivals in Munich and Prague.

Thereafter, Maharaj travelled to Radhadesh to participate in the Kirtan Course and Summer Festival (20-26 July). Next was his visit to the Swiss Summer Camp and then he travelled to India (1 August). After some time in Kolkata, to attend meetings, Maharaj spent a week in Vrindavan (12-19 August). Courtesy of Adi Kesava Prabhu, we have video recordings of Maharaj leading kirtan and giving classes at the Krsna Balarama Mandir.

From India, Maharaj travelled back to Europe and this past weekend (20-24 August), he joined in the Kirtan Festival at New Vraja Mandal in Spain. We will share with you media from all the events as we get them!



KKS_12 August 2015_24 Hour Kirtan

KKS_15 August 2015_SB 6.1.15

KKS_15 August 2015_BG 17.1


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