Written by Nicole

Kadamba Kanana Swami arrived in Johannesburg on 08 September. After a day of rest, he joined the Krsna Balaram Youth Group in Randburg for their weekly bhajan night. It was a crisp Spring evening with an outdoor setup but Maharaj’s kirtan was sure to warm everyone up very quickly. Every now and then, in between changing tunes, Maharaj spoke a few profound words about the holy name. It is well worth a listen to! See below for the recording. After the kirtan, Maharaj braved the chilly weather to speak to many of the devotees who attended the program.

The next day, Maharaj took lunch at the house of his disciples, Tirumala and Satyarani. Later on, he gave an evening class at Lenasia temple. He chose Bhagavad-gita 7.7 and spoke about the frustrations experienced by identifying with the material existence. Maharaj also spoke deeply about pride and gave the analogy of the mouse and the tiger. He explained becoming a mouse again – punar müsiko bhava. Even those who have heard this analogy before, took away more from it this time as Maharaj expounded with vigour and enthusiasm.

On 10 September, Maharaja left Johannesburg for a week-long trip to Durban. He will return to Johannesburg on 19 September to attend the upcoming Soweto Ratha Yatra.

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