(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 27 June 2015, New York, USA, Bhagavad-gita 9.33)


I remember in Vrindavan when we were listening to a lecture in our temple, sometimes there were a lot of ants in the temple and not small ones but those big ones with the tweezers on their nose. So when they would come for you, you could see them coming. So everyone would sort of wait till they came close and then flick them back to where they came from because no-one wanted an ant bite. But, the ant would immediately turn around and come straight back; they have a compass. Then we would like try to divert it to our neighbour. So while the class was going on, people were sending ants from one person to the other. In this way, we managed to detour the ant but they were determined to go on their path. They have a will of their own, that means they are individuals and they have a strong desire!

So all living beings have an individual nature. If all living beings have desires then all living beings have a heart and all living beings have bodies. The Supreme Lord also has a heart and he also has desires but some say he has no body! But all living beings have a body and if there is a body in the creation, then these qualities in the creation must also exist in the creator! Therefore the Supreme Lord is a person also. He has his divine energies and at the same time, he is a personality. So those who understand that the Supreme Person is full of love, ultimately to enter into a loving relationship with the Supreme and this is the highest state a living being can achieve.

Love is such a thing that when you are very small, it is only your mother and that goes on for quite some time. The father is sort of there on a second level, second place, sorry to say. But overtime, that can all expand and then there is family – your brother, your sister, friends and then community. Practically, your sense of identity is increasing. But ultimately, the highest state of love is where we see that the whole purpose of the creation has a loving purpose and that behind this world, is the loving Supreme Lord and that we develop our loving relationship with the Supreme Lord.

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