(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 11 April 2010, Durban, South Africa, Lecture)


Saintly people can touch the heart of all. In this day and age, as soon as we speak about a saintly person, we turn to Srila Prabhupada first. He is the emblem of a saintly person for us. His qualities of saintliness are important and becoming saintly should be at the forefront in our spiritual life. Spiritual life is not about belonging to a society, it is not about being part of a certain temple, it is not about belonging to a certain group of people – that is not enough. That is just some arrangement to give us support in becoming saintly people. Krsna says that the sadhus, the saintly persons, they are dear to him. And Krsna is dear to the saintly persons and thus never for a moment, does he forget the saintly persons, not for a moment are they out of his mind.


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