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As the transcendental dust-storms (caused by the lotus feet of the devotees jumping in ecstasy for Lord Jagannatha) were beginning to settle down in Soweto and the glowing embers of the initiation yajna were simmering down in Pretoria, the devotees of the Cape Town yatra were preparing to finally get the answer to the question that had been buzzing in the air for weeks, “When is Kadamba Kanana Swami arriving?”

In the late afternoon of Tuesday, 22 September 2015, Maharaj gracefully arrived in the Mother City of South Africa and was warmly welcomed by a calm reception of disciples. Things, however, were not to stay that calm for very long at all…

After a short time to settle-in and catch his breath, Maharaj made an appearance and initiated (through a full-swing one hour kirtan and an hour’s lecture from Bhagavad-gita 7.19), the first of the many jam‑packed morning and evening programs that were to follow for the rest of the week.

Wednesday was filled to the brim with ecstasy with three (almost) back-to-back programs. We started-off with a morning class from Srimad Bhagavatam 1.3.42 followed by a fun-filled afternoon program in the Bhakti Yoga Society hall at the University of Cape Town where Maharaj gave a wonderful talk on Stress Management and Vedic Lifestyle and also spent a lot of time afterwards engaging in questions-and-answers with the eager and inquisitive students who stayed behind to cash in on the nectar.

The last stop for the day took us all the way out to the beautiful Stellenbosch yatra where the devotees had some nice downtime to chat with Maharaj before the students arrived for a kirtan straight from the spiritual world, a charismatic talk in true KKS style and a feast of ecstatic prasad.  Meanwhile, back at the temple, excitement was starting to build up about the next day’s scheduled program which was, by far, one of the highlights of Maharaj’s visit …

Thursday morning started-off with a lecture on verse 1.3.43 of Srimad Bhagavatam. The weather was absolutely perfect and the hustle and bustle was building up as devotees started streaming in from all over Cape Town in anticipation of the blissful day that lay ahead.

The sankritan warriors then began their preparations: sun block and tilaka boldly painted on; mrdangas, djembes and harmonium straps fastened tight around the shoulders; kartalas and whompers, ready for action with books/flyers locked and loaded into book bags, ready for launch …

Maharaj hopped into the passenger seat of a bright, cherry-red Toyota Etios and zoomed-off around the mountain leading the devotees, in a convoy of cars, towards the tropically majestic, crystal-blue oceans and pearly-white sands of the Camps Bay suburb of Cape Town.

The devotees exploded into Camps bay, instruments blaring, colorful garments swaying to and fro with smiles as wide a Cheshire cats as they sang the Holy Names from the heart. Maharaj led the devotees all around Camps Bay as the ecstasy grew from strength-to-strength.

Some book distributors broke off to meet the curious and jolly crowd of onlookers who had started gathering… some people even came running out of restaurants asking for books!

It seemed as though the bliss would never end…

After what felt like (and probably was) hours we eventually settled down on the grass, overlooking the ocean, for a delicious ekadasi feast. We then ended the day off with a little more kirtan. What a day indeed!

The week ended-off just as fully and busily as it started with sweet talks and dramatic narrations from Maharaj in appreciation of the Lord and his amazing devotees, starting with the appearance day of Lord Vamanadev on Friday, 25 September (morning class at temple and evening at HG Medhavi prabhu’s home), followed by the appearance day of Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakur on Saturday, 26 September where Maharaj spent the day aptly doing justice to the glories of the great acarya and last, but certainly not least, the disappearance day of Srila Haridas Thakur on Sunday the 27th where Maharaj spent a lot of time glorifying Haridas Thakur and emphasizing the importance of properly and sincerely chanting the Holy Names.

As things started to wind down on Sunday, evening Maharaj went to a nearby old-age home to visit Mrs. Retrout, a beloved elderly lady who used to frequent the temple when she was in better health.  Since she has been struggling with her health the devotees have been visiting her at the retirement village to try and lift her spirits and Maharaj’s visit most certainly brought a lot of life back to her eyes.

The Sunday Love Feast Prasad was finished and packed away and the party was officially coming to an end.  At the request of bhakta Rama, Maharaj sat down at the harmonium once more and gladly showed Rama a tune or two attracting a small group of devotees who sat and reveled in the last few moments of Maharaj’s precious association before he left to get ready for the next long haul to Australia…

It was visit filled to the brim with nectar, mercy, bliss, ecstasy and all the good things the association of a pure devotee brings.

Recordings to follow shortly…

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